Boulder Brew Bus starts this Sunday!

Joe's Pilsner, one of many beers you can try on the Brew BusWhat could be better than riding on the Banjo Billy Bus, AND drinking great beer?

This Sunday starts the third year of the Boulder Brew Bus, which is organized by the West End Tavern in Boulder.  The brewery tour starts at 5:45 at the West End Tavern, where the thirsty customers board the Banjo Billy Bus and are taken to three of Boulder’s outstanding craft breweries.  We spend about an hour at each brewery, where guests enjoy a tour of the brewery along with some of their fine beer.  The West End’s Catering Van provides a meal at the second stop.

The tour this year will visit two of Boulder’s newest brewers, and one of its oldest.  Avery Brewing Company has been in business since 1993, and is known for their willingness to experiment.  One of the things they love to do at Avery is age their beer in whiskey casks.   The Upslope Brewing Company is a fast growing brewery that started canning beer in Boulder about 4 years ago.  Asher Brewery is new to the Brew Bus this year.  Asher is in their third year of business, and is the first certified organic brewery in the state of Colorado.

For $45 you get great beer, good food, and transportation on the coolest ride in Colorado.  For reservations and information, contact the West End Tavern at 303.444.3535.

And if you are a beer lover in Denver, don’t despair.  Banjo Billy is arranging a Denver brewery tour that will start in late May.  Keep watching this space for more details.

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