Have you met Walter Montgomery? The feisty ten-year-old prankster loves to cavort with guests in his home off the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. His favorite toys are phones and computers, perhaps because Walter never got to play with either when he was alive. After all, there were no cell phones in 1871.

Walter is one of the many ghosts bustling in the shadows and forgotten rooms of Colorado. Banjo Billy offers guided bus tours through the clandestine tales of crime and the legends of lingering souls that litter the streets of Boulder and Denver.

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During your 90 minute tour, eloquent historians and legend-keepers will share stories of the paranormal and macabre. Local ghost stories – from haunted mansions to unexplained sights and sounds – are a fun way to enjoy the weeks leading up to Halloween.

For example:

  • In 1927, Ms. Campbell moves from one haunted house to another.   See both houses.  Hear both stories.
  • Mackey Auditorium is a beautiful building with a dark murder that still haunts from 1966.
  • The Croke – Patterson Mansion maybe the most haunted place in Colorado.   Yep, even better than the Stanley in Estes Park.
  • Why do some people feel as if there are seemingly-random cold spots on the grounds of Cheeseman park? Could it be because the park used to be a graveyard?
  • Denver fire station number one has four ghosts and three are friendly.

Learn about these ghost stories – and more – during your tour.

About The Tour: Ghost tours begin in October and take place Thursday through  Sundays. Tickets sell out quickly for this ghastly good time, so be sure to buy tickets early. All ages welcome.  Adults are $25, Seniors $20 and children 6-12 are $14.